[beasiswa] [INFO] Salary positions for doctoral researchers

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[beasiswa] [INFO] Salary positions for doctoral researchers

Berikut ini informasi mengenai posisi doktoral untuk program Energy Efficiency and Systems di Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) dengan monthly salary mulai dari 1820 Euros per bulan plus bonus.
In case of anyone’s interest.

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Applications are invited for

fifteen (15) positions for doctoral students

for four years starting on 1.1.2012. Those who have already advanced in their doctoral studies can apply for 1-3 years. The applicants must have a MSc degree or equivalent on a suitable subject. 

The major research fields of the multi-disciplinary program are
•    energy technology and systems
•    energy conversion and efficiency
•    energy resources and environmental impacts

Detailed description of the positions contains details of the research fields of the partner universities. In the application form you should mention which positions (max.3) you are applying for.

Applicants who are going to graduate by the end of this year are eligible to send an application.

Applicants should contact the representative of the position of interest for arrangements of supervision.

The monthly salary starts from 1820 € with possible competence based bonus specific to the site of research.

Successful applicants must have an excellent command of Finnish, Swedish or English. International applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English. If not exempted, applicants are required to attach an official language test report to their application. 

The applicants are selected using the following criteria: 
– quality of the research plan
– previous success in studies 
– publishing and other scientific merits 
– practical experience in the field of research 
– suitability of the applicant for the subject

The deadline for applications is November 4th, 2011, at 16:00 Finnish time. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their application by the end of November. Note! Please follow the application instructions below.

The application documents and instructions

The application needs to contain the following documents (saved as a single pdf file):

1. Application form
    (Mention in the application form which positions you are applying for)

2. Curriculum Vitae
    – personal details
    – education
    – job history
    – fellowships and awards
    – scientific publications and presentations
    – language skills
    – references/recommendations
    – summary of MSc Thesis (0,5 pages)

3.Postgraduate study record
    – an authorized copy of the original Master’s diploma
    – transcript of records of the master’s degree
    – transcript of records of the postgraduate degree
    – description of completed postgraduate study attainments

NB! All attached documents must be in Finnish, Swedish or English. All translations must be done by official translators. The translations must bear the stamp and signature of the translator.

4. Study and research plan for the applied research position (Use these titles, please.)
4.1) Study plan (preliminary list of courses and timetable)
4.2) Background and significance of research
4.3) Research questions
4.4) Research methods
4.5) Expected results and dissemination of your findings
4.6) International experience

NB! You can make the research plan (4.2-4.5) for the primary position that you apply for. If you wish, you can make the research plan also for the second and third positions (mention the position numbers).

5. Motivation letter (in mother tongue if Finnish or Swedish, otherwise in English)

6. International applicants: an official language test report, if not exempted (for further details and exemptions, see Language Requirements for Aalto University School of Science)

The application documents should be collected together and saved as a single pdf file, named EESLastnameGivenname. The file should be sent by e-mail to the Registry Office of Aalto University (kirjaamo@aalto.fi) no later than November 4th, 2011 at 16:00 Finnish time. The title of the e-mail should be named: “EES Doctoral Program”.

Further enquiries are addressed to the EES director Prof. Risto Lahdelma (risto.lahdelma at aalto.fi) or EES coordinator Suvi Ojanen (suvi.ojanen at aalto.fi).


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